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How You Can Help


Heath for Honduras operates under the 501(c)3 designation of First Presbyterian Church of Burlingame ( We are one of the several mission groups that support the Foundation for International Mission ( All donations are tax-deductible.

There are a variety of ways you can help to bring adequate medical support and supplies to members of the San Francisco, Orica communities.

Join the team of one of our medical mission trips! 

You can also donate to any of our programs:

  • Help Send a Volunteer:  Each year, Health for Honduras offsets the  travel expenses of eligible volunteers, allowing more talented people to join our team. The cost of the trip may be financially burdensome to many certified medical professionals and compassionate individuals, and with your help, we can lift that burden and build a strong team.
  • Support the New Hope Medical Clinic:  Since 2007, Health for Honduras as contributed to the on-going operating expenses of the New Hope Clinic.  We also made significant contribution to the construction of a new facility in San Francisco, Orica, including a new dental clinic.
  • Support the New Hope Dental Clinic:  In 2012, Health for Honduras began supporting the Honduran community in a whole new way.  We led the charge to bring Dental Services to the New Hope Clinic.  Health for Honduras has committed to staffing the clinic each year at a cost of $7,000.  You could help us continue to change lives through preventative care rather than extractions.
  • Help Fund Medical Supplies and Equipment:  There is ongoing demand for medicines and medical tools in Honduras. Each year, Health for Honduras collects and personally transports medical supplies from the U.S. to Honduras.  We have also supplied the clinic with large equipment, such as dental chairs and a generator. Generous donors have made this possible, by funding specific needs and helping with general fundraising.

Right now, you can donate through the First Presbyterian Church in Burlingame! All you have to do is visit and sign in! If you don’t already have an account, it’s easy to sign up. Once you’re signed in/signed up,  Thanks for your support!

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