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ffimlogoFoundation for International Missions (FFIM)

FFIM was founded by a group of members from the First Presbyterian Church of St. Petersburg, Florida, in order to further the gospel of Jesus Christ by making a difference in the lives of others. Health for Honduras is one eight organizations that have helped FFIM create New Hope Clinic and volunteer bunkhouse and provide for the clinic’s ongoing needs. Health for Honduras’s trip leader, Sharon Bartels, is a member of the board of directors of FFIM. Read more.

burlpreslogoFirst Presbyterian Church of Burlingame (FPCB)

FPCB helps people become inwardly strong in Christ, and outwardly focused on mission.  Health for Honduras is one of those missions.  Our medical teams are generally made of about half of FPCB members and half non-affiliated people. FPCB’s leadership lends spiritual and material support to the project and generous donations by church members make H for H’s work possible.  Sharon Bartels, Health for Honduras’ trip leader, is a member of FPCB and a member its mission committee.  Read more.

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