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Burlingame Volunteers


Sharon Bartels, Nurse Practitioner, is the leader and organizer of the Health for Honduras mission trips, and was a driving force in establishing the project with the Burlingame community. Sharon runs the Women’s Health Team at the village health fairs and often treats up to 130 women on each mission trip.  When she is not improving women’s health in Honduras, she heads two community college student health centers. Sharon’s excellent command of Spanish includes, “¡Que hermoso bebe!” (What a beautiful baby!)

193Tats Ogawa, DDS, a loving dentist from California, is a foundational member of the Health for Honduras team.  On his first trip, he pulled almost 300 decayed teeth in four days, which left him a little shaken.  Since then he has encouraged the communities near San Francisco de Orica to focus on hygiene and prevention and has started fluoride treatment and sealants for kids.  Tats’ favorite phrase in Spanish is “¡escupe! ¡escupe!” (spit! spit!).

Honduras 2011 052Scott Hallsted, DDS, is wizard at in-the-field cosmetic dentistry. He is a softy and almost always relents to fix a smile while performing more health-impacting work. Like the rest of the dental team, Dr. Hallsted is an avid baseball fan, and he is a cheerful guy.  Scott can even sing in Spanish – his favorite lyric is “canta y no llores” (sing, and don’t cry).  He sings this even when the SF Giants aren’t winning.


Bill Amend, MD, a kidney specialist, runs the General Health Team at the village health fairs and assists Dr. Davila in attending patients with more acute needs.  His courage and stamina are an inspiration to many of the team members. Bill served as chaplain on a previous trip, and comes back to serve year after year, even while confronting personal health challenges.  When he says “Gracias a Dios” (thanks be to God), he means it.

100_1310Connie Amend, travel agent and budget wizard, makes all travel arrangements for the group and assists Sharon with administrative issues, including leading the team in her absence. When Connie is in the field, she excels at the drawing blood and four-wheel driving. Connie knows how to say, “¡Agárate fuerte – no le va a doler mucho!” (Hang on tight – this won’t hurt too much).


Jeni Delk is an administrative genius and our most intrepid traveler. She plays a central role in fundraising, organizing, communication, purchasing and research.  She’s served on the Children’s Health and Women’s Health Teams. Kids love her and her favorite Spanish phrase is “¡Vámonos muchachos!” (Let’s go kids!).


Andrea Dover, fluent in Spanish, thinks Latin music (live if possible) should be included in all Health for Honduras events – be they fundraising galas or mission trips.  When she is not dancing, she throws fundraisers, builds web sites, interprets for the  volunteers, or assists on the Children’s, Women’s or the Dental Teams. Her favorite Spanish word is “¡Arriba!” (get up and dance!)

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