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Example Itinerary*

* Subject to change due to weather, etc.

Saturday Night Flight/Country Drive :  We will probably leave on an EARLY morning flight, just after midnight.  However, we assemble at the airport on Saturday night to check in all the medical supplies and organize .  Each volunteer travels with only carry-on luggage.  After an overnight flight, we arrive at Tegucigalpa airport and are met by a bus and one or two rented four-by-four trucks which we load with medical supplies and most our provisions to make the four-hour drive to San Francisco de Orica, in Francisco Morazán Province.

Monday – Thursday Village Health Fairs : We generally have three full days and one half day during which we conduct of health fairs in some of the villages surrounding San Francisco, and one day working in the New Hope Clinic.  We stay at the volunteer bunkhouse  next to the clinic and a team of local cooks prepare clean and safe food for us.

Thursday Evening and Friday: We usually have time to sight see and shopping in an arts and crafts center outside of Tegucigalpa. We stay in a charming hotel for one or two nights.

Saturday:  The flight home leaves at 5pm.  We move as a group to the airport, check in together, and breath a sigh of relief for a job well done.


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